Sindh Mental Health Authority

Future Plans

Future plan  and Activities

The  Sindh Mental Health  Authority  have several plans and programmes where Authority  have laid grounds to expand the efforts and purpose .


The Authority  has continuously working for expansion the services of Helpline from 9am to 3 pm  to furture plan includes 7/24 services.

Opening of  Mental Health Wards in all the Division/Districts of Sindh

 On the recommendation of SMHA two wards have been established in Karachi and one in Mithi. The wards also include the first children mental health ward. SMHA  realizes the disproportion in the availability mental health service providers and population need. Therefore the Authority further envisages facility development initiatives  throughout the Province of Sindh. 

Increase in Number of Psychiatrics and Mental Health Professional for dealing the case

There are about 140 Psychiatrist registered in Sindh . The Sindh Mental Health Authority has plans, short, medium and long terms, for capacity building for mental health service providers according to the growing population needs and has requested the Health Department to recruit Psychiatrics and psychologist in all Districts of Sindh through Sindh Public   Service Commission.

Psychologist taken on board

The Sindh Mental Health Authority envisions the role of  psychologists is as important as psychiatrists for achieving goals of the Mental Health Services .In the ACT of 2013 there is no provision of psychologist so Authority had a meeting with all Psychiologist of Sindh in which Sindh University Head of Psychology Department University of Sindh Jamshoro arranged the meeting on request of authority chairman at Indus Hotel Hyderabad in which Karachi University Head Of Department of Psychology , Institute of Clinical Psychology Karachi , Bharia University Head Of Department of Psychology and other psychologist were present. And in the follow-up meeting in July 2020 at the Head Office of SMHA in Karachi formulated the future agenda of amendments in the Sindh Mental Act 2013. 

Research Studies

 The Sindh Mental Health Authority has focused Two areas for researches recently.

First one is about suicidal patterns and underlying factors causing increase in the suicidal incidences in the last 5 years . The studies will be undertaken in collaboration with the Sindh Police, Sindh Health Dept, Community Health Sciences Department, LUHMS Jamshoro and Dr. Murad Moosa from AKU (president of World Prevention of Suicide) and public health specialist and other public health specialist. Tentatively these researches will be completed by October 2020.

Second research is about Child Psychiatry.

Publication of Magazine

A quarterly magazine will be published by Sindh Mental Health Authority.

Training of Mental Health Stakeholders

Doctors and LHV(lady Health Visitor)/ LHW(lady Health Worker)

 The Sindh Mental Health Authority  envisages to provide training to Mental Health Stakeholders in all the District of Sindh, which includes Service providers like Doctors , paramedical , LHW etc, system regulators including policy makers,  field managers , members of Judiciary , Security personal and civil society on the whole as beneficiary of the mental health system.