Awareness Programs & Sessions

The Sindh Mental Health Authority has conducted more than fifty and patronized similar number of activities which includes Seminars, visits, meetings (Formal & Informal), visit to Eidhi Home, AAS NGO  & other NGO’s and trainings. visit included  Services Hospital Karachi, Sindh Hospital Karachi, Karwan-e-Hayat – Institute for Mental Health Care and LUMHS Hyderabad, Sir Cowasjee Jahangir Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad besides multiple webinars.  These activities highlighted the issues related to serious mental health including suicide prevention. Awareness programs , sessions  and lectures were organized in  Civil Hospital Karachi, JPMC Karachi and Institute of Behavioral Sciences  for  doctors ,  Psychiatrist government and Private  Institutions in all over Sindh. The awareness Sessions and Seminars were also organized at Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Larkana, Shaheed Benazirabad, Mitthi and other places in Sindh Province. 

Help Lines

The Sindh Mental Health Authority has established two Helplines with universal access numbers(UAN) that are for the provision of virtual services regarding Mental Health issues at JPMC Karachi  and Sir Cowasjee Institute of Psychiatry at Hyderabad. These helplines are open from 9 am to 3 pm at present and will be extended gradually to 24 hours.

The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah on 13th May 2020 Inaugurated the Help line number as under:

021 111 117 642(SMHA)  for JPMC Karachi

022 111 117 642(SMHA)  for Sir Cowasjee Institute of  Psychiatry Hyderabad.

Opening of Psychiatry Wards

The Sindh Mental Health Authority has worked tirelessly for establishment of psychiatry wards  in all Government hospitals in this regard on the recommendation of  Authority  separate Psychiatry wards are now open in Government  Qatar hospital Karachi ,Child psychiatry ward Nagan Chowrangi Karachi and Psychiatry ward in Mitthi , A Transgender ward in Sir CowasJee Institute of Psychiatry.

On the recommendation of  Sindh Mantel Health Authority psychiatry ward at Nawabshah (Benazirabad) is under process .

Professional Development Training on Mental Health to psychiatrist and Doctors

The Sindh Mental Health Authority have trained 200 males & female doctors at MITHI focusing prevention of suicide, depression for 2 days.

Many doctors have been trained and other trainings in whole province are in progress. These doctors have been given awareness and diagnosis information on Depression, Anxiety, Suicide prevention, bipolar disorder, addiction, Schizophrenia and child psychiatry (due to Covid-19 the process has been delayed)

The Sindh Mental Health Authority had sent Rules(Amended) and regulation to cabinet through Health and Law  departments final approval is awaited.

MoUs Signed

The  Sindh Mental Health  Authority have signed a MOU where LUMHS will give three sessions of time slot in a week, where Psychiatrist and Psychologist can speak (F.M Radio) and create awareness about mental health in these session we will discuss COVID-19 and address any recent issues in the public.

SMHA, for the improvement of environment, as signed MoU with the Sindh Heath Department, Sindh Forest Department and LUMHS Jamshoro for the establishment of urban forest on approximately 5 acres area at Sir C.J. Institute Hyderabad.   

Role Of Sindh Mental Health Authority For Sir Cowasjee Jahangir Institute of Psychiatry

The SMHA has played a vital role in enhancing the status of Sir CowasJee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry through Act Passed by Sindh Assembly as autonomous, independent & Degree Awarding Institute.

  • Request to Call a meeting To Chief Secretory Sindh. Dated (11-February-2019)
  • Minutes Of The Meeting Under Chairmanship Of Chief Secretary Sindh on Dated(12-April-2019)
  • 2nd Follow Up Meeting. Dated (20-June-2019)
  • 3rd Follow Up Meeting. Dated (12-December-2019)
  • Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Bill 2019